Get your own educational website and business

Get your own educational website and business
₹ 17,898 /month plus 15% revenue share 1 Business subscription

Everything to start an online education business

Apps and services included:2
  • Domain and website hosting
  • 200 GB website storage
  • 1000 GB video CDN
  • Unlimited bandwidth and users
  • LMS and eCommerce system
  • Professional Email
  • 1000 GB Cloud storage
  • SEO, SMO, and schema Markup
  • Website, courses, and videos promotion
  • No technical knowledge required
  • In-house technical team from MathYug
  • Unlimited modifications
  • Premium graphics and images
  • No need to hire developer
  • Complete ownership
1. Annual payment is required. 15% revenue share should be paid at the end of every month. GST on fixed fee extra (if applicable) from the second year of subscription.
Disclaimer All the third-party logos, brands, marks headings, labels, names, signatures, numerals, shapes, or any combinations thereof, appearing in this site, except as otherwise noted, are properties either owned or used under license, by the business and/or its associate entities who feature on this Website.

How our development and design services work

Register & fill out our Appointment form

Through the Appointment form you’ll provide details on you and the subjects you want to teach. Our team will review and schedule an appointment.

Connect on call

On call, we’ll discuss your website in detail – understanding your vision and goals. Based on the call, we will send documentation with payment link. After successful payment, we will connect you to our organisation’s Microsoft® Teams account and move forward with the next phase “Design and development”.

Design and development

You will be connected to us through our organisation’s Microsoft® Teams account and you will have opportunities to review and provide feedback along the way. On Microsoft® Teams you can reach us on live chat, audio call and video call. We will work with you to make sure the site matches your vision.

Launch your online business

Once you review and approve your new website, it’s ready to launch! Usually, this is where developers and designers would left you on your own. But not us!

Complete support continues…

You will be permanently connected with us through Microsoft® Teams. We will continue to work with you like a in-house design and developer team with no limits on modifications.

Features and Services

Domain and website
premium domains not included
Website hosting
Content management system
Website storage
200 GB
Video storage
1000 GB
SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
for images and core files
Google® Fonts support
Google® page and banner Ads support
Brute force attack protection
Spam protection for comments
Automatic website backups
Google® Analytics Integration
Microsoft® Clarity Integration
Third-party API Integration
Responsive website design
Unlimited traffic
for small to medium size business
Unlimited bandwidth
for small to medium size business
Website design and development
Website theme
Divi theme
Unlimited pages
Unlimited posts
Unlimited archive pages
Unlimited modifications
CSS animations
Divi animations only
JS animations
Website optimisation
Gzip compression
HTTP/2 network protocol
Minify CSS files
Minify JS files
Migrate JS files to footer
Defer JS files
Cache-Control Header for static content like CSS, JS and images
Conditional loading of CSS and JS
Preloading of Font files
Preloading of CSS files
Preloading of JS files
Preloading of images
Lazy-load images
Lazy-load videos
Learning management system (LMS)
Unbranded learning portal based on LearnDash plugin
Unlimited courses
Unlimited course topics, subtopics and quizzes
Media (video, audio, images) support for courses
Mathematic equations support for courses
Course access expiration
Sell single course
Sell Course Bundle as a membership
Option to create free courses for all visitors
Option to create open courses for all registered users
Dynamic course progression: require learners to complete previous topic or open all topics
Discussion forum under all courses, topics and subtopics
Promotional video and content on course homepage
PDF file download support in courses, topics and subtopics
Award points to learners as they complete topics and courses
Award Certificate on course completion
Automatically trigger e-mails based on actions learners take (or don’t take) in a course
Require assignment submissions before learners can continue to the next topic
8 Question Types for Quizzes : Single choice, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey
Question Banks : Create question banks and organize them into categories
Media support for Questions and Answers
Show all questions at once, one at a time, several on a page, and even allow users to skip
Randomly display both questions and the available answers
Set a limit for the number of times a quiz can be attempted
Set compulsory quiz completion to continue course
Limit and track the amount of time users spend taking a quiz
Give text, video, and image hints to users as they go through your quiz
Quizzes are instantly scored and results presented to the user
Option to manually score and comment on essay (free text) responses
Allow users to review their questions and answers
Send the quiz results to the user
Award certificates to users who successfully pass the quiz
Award badges to users who successfully pass the quiz
Set access to courses, topics, and quizzes based on a set of prerequisites
Frontend user dashboard for all user courses and progress
plugin’s limitations applied
Interactive and animated charts for course steps and progress
Learners progress tracking
plugin’s limitations applied
Backend analytics for you to track and manage user’s progress
plugin’s limitations applied
eCommerce system
Complete eCommerce system based on WooCommerce plugin
Payment gateway
third-party integration as per requirement
Custom cart page
plugin’s limitations applied
Custom checkout page
plugin’s limitations applied
Ability to sell single course
Ability to sell course bundle as a membership
Ability to sell multiple courses
Ability to sell PDF files
HTML invoice generation to display on the website
PDF invoice generation
Email notifications
SMS notifications
SMS prices not included
Professional Email System
Professional Email ID with 50GB storage
“” Email ID for your website’s customer support
Sent website’s Emails using professional Email ID service that will ensure maximum Emails would be in the user’s Inbox folder instead of Spam folder
Design and customize each Email to match your brand and your website
Create automatic Email notifications for you
Send automatic Email notifications to your website users
Unlimited automatic Email triggers
Unlimited email aliases for better management
Access all the logs of emails sent from your website directly on your website
Search Email logs from your website
Cloud storage
Microsoft®’s OneDrive Cloud Storage
1000 GB
Microsoft® Office
Web and mobile apps
Desktop version for PCs or Macs
Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Excel
Microsoft® Powerpoint
Microsoft® OneNote
Microsoft® Outlook
LATEX Equations
Add mathematic and scientific equations on your website
Equations will render using JavaScript and thus compatible with all the devices
Interactive charts
Interactive and animated JavaScript based charts that render on the website
Bar chart type
Bubble chart type
Doughnut chart type
Pie chart type
Line chart type
Polar area chart type
Radar chart type
Scatter chart type
Contact forms
Unlimited contact forms
Divi theme’s default
Contact form supported for both logged in and logged out users
User management & messages
Backend user account page
WordPress default
Option to Close User account
Option to Temporary Ban User account
Option to Permanent Ban User account
Option to restrict user’s access to certain services or parts of website
Add administrator only messages to user account that is only visible to you
Send custom messages to user, visible to only that user
Automatic messages to user with multiple triggers like course completion
Unlimited automatic triggers to send messages
Send user messages on Email and SMS
SMS prices not included
User authentication
Customized user registration page
basic modifications only
Customized user login page
basic modifications only
Email verification for new users
Login using OTP (one time password) on Email
Login using OTP (one time password) on mobile SMS
Register using OTP (one time password) on Email
Register using OTP (one time password) on mobile SMS
Send Email notifications on successful registration
Send Email notifications on successful / failed login
Document protection
Sell your PDF files securely
Prevent direct access to the documents
Members only access to the documents
Remove attachment pages access for all media
KnowledgeBase, documentation, FAQs
Self help documentation for website users
Organize documentation in different categories
Unlimited categories for documentation
Unlimited number of articles in documentation
Unlimited FAQs on the website
Separate search system for documentation
Media (images, audios, videos) support for documentation
SEO Optimized
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation settings and tags
MathYug’s own custom plugin
Search Engine Submission
Meta tag optimization
Internal Linking
Image Sitemap
Meta Descriptions
Title tag optimization
XML Sitemaps
SEO friendly URL
Page Title
Remove Broken link
Header (H1/H2)
Google® Webmaster Tool Setup
Customized 404 Error
Breadcrumb Navigation
Schema markup (Microdata & JSON-LD)
Breadcrumb Schema
Article Schema
FAQ Page Schema
Organization Schema
Webpage Schema
Website Schema
Product Schema
Video Schema
Website promotion
Promotion of website on MathYug website
Direct link of website on MathYug website
Exposure to the network of MathYug audience
Content promotion
Promotion of courses on MathYug website
2 courses in a month
Promotion of courses on MathYug’s Instagram Page
2 courses in a month
Promotion of courses on MathYug’s Facebook Page
2 courses in a month
Promotion of courses on MathYug’s Twitter Page
2 courses in a month
Video promotion
Promotion of videos on MathYug website
2 videos in a month
Promotion of videos on MathYug’s YouTube Channel
2 videos in a month
Graphics design
High quality banners for website
2 banners in a month
High quality thumbnails for courses
2 thumbnails in a month
Fully licensed premium images
2 images in a month
Fully licensed premium graphics
2 graphics in a month
Technical management
Regular maintenance and updates
No need to hire any developer
Complete technical support
From video upload to course upload everything will be done by MathYug
Technical management covers 100% PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript support
Ownership of domain and content
Ownership of domain
from day one of subscription
Ownership of website’s content
from day one of subscription
Ownership of website’s theme
after one year of subscription
Ownership of website’s plugin codes
after five years of subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Start here

  • Do you offer plan with just the revenue share and without a fixed fee? There are a number of companies on the internet that are offering teachers to sell their courses on just revenue share and without any fixed fee. That’s because they are hiring teachers as their “indirect” employee. The teacher never owns anything with that business model. Anytime they would left the company, they would left neither with a business nor with the students. But in MathYug, we are offering a business to teachers that they will own even after they will not require MathYug’s services. The fixed fee we are charging is for the assurance that you own the business and MathYug is just providing services to build and manage the business as per the subscription.
  • Do you offer monthly payment option? Website development and designing is a long term task and commitment. Our services are meant to build you a business from scratch, and that requires time and investment. That’s why we do not offer monthly payment option. Currently, only annual payment option is available.
  • How long it would take to build the website? General timeline for a website is from 30 to 90 days. Our priority is to build the website as soon as possible so that we can work to grow your business. However, this is mainly depends on how fast you will provide the required content and designs to our team to build your website.
  • How will I connect to the developer and design team after the purchase? After purchase of subscription, you will be added to MathYug organization’s Microsoft Teams account, where you will be connected to MathYug through live chat, audio call and video call.
  • What is Microsoft Teams? In simple language, Microsoft Teams is an app just like WhatsApp but exclusively for members in an organization. Once you will purchase the subscription, you will be added to MathYug organization’s Microsoft Teams account for all further communication.
  • How website payment gateway will work? You can choose any third-party payment gateway. The payment gateway will be registered under your name and will be connected to your bank account. All the revenue from your website will credit directly into your bank account. Our team will integrate the payment gateway into your website.
  • How revenue share will work? On the last day of every month, we will send you an invoice with amount equivalent to 15% of the revenue generated (total sales amount and total ad revenue from the website) in that particular month. You will have the next seven days to pay the invoice amount.
  • Can I cancel the subscription? Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time. However, no refund for the remaining time period of the subscription will be provided by MathYug.
  • What are the things that will be provided to you? Basically, we will manage the full technical part of the website so you wouldn’t have to hire anyone and can manage your website alone. This will increase your profit and you could focus only on the content you want to sell. You can check the complete list of features above.
  • What are the things that will not be provided to you? We will not provide assistance in content creation, video editing and recordings. That will solely be your job. We will not provide services that require communication with your website’s visitors like customer support for your website. We will provide technical support only to you and a complete system (as per the list above) to smoothly run your educational business.
  • Who will provide the website design? You will be the architect of your website. The design and the content will be provided by you. This would be easy as the internet is full of thousands of website templates for educational websites. Just choose a design and we will build a similar design for you.
  • Who will provide the website content? The content will be provided by you as per the courses you are going to sell on the website.
  • Who will provide the graphics and the images for the website? We will provide you high quality graphics and licensed images, at no extra cost, for your website as per the samples provided by you.
  • Who will upload the courses on the website? Every thing technical on the website including course upload will be completely handled by us.
  • Who will build the website? The website will be built by the same team behind MathYug, lead by Ashish Kumar(Agam).
  • Is there any limit on the subjects I can sell? There is no limit on the number of subjects you can sell. The limit in this case is only of the website storage and the video storage.
  • Can I sell anything on the website? No. The website is meant to sell educational courses and educational memberships only. The subject of courses could be from any stream/field like school syllabus, college syllabus, cooking, dancing or even spirituality. As long as the content is yours, is educational and is not illegal, you can sell it on your website.
  • Can I share free stuff on the website? As long as the free stuff would not affect the website’s performance, you can offer free stuff on the website. However, the website cannot be used as free video streaming service like YouTube and cannot be used as cloud file sharing. There is no restriction of video streaming and file sharing for your paid members.
  • Where will the website be hosted? The website will be hosted with the same hosting provider as MathYug.
  • Is there any traffic or bandwidth limit on the website? There is no traffic and bandwidth limit from the hosting provider.
  • Can I publish advertisement on the website? Yes. You can publish advertisement and earn from the ad revenue on your website. We will provide full assistance to connect Google® Adsense or any other ad services to your website.
  • What will happen if I do not wish to renew the subscription? If you would not want to renew the subscription, you can contact us at least two months before your subscription will expire and we will initiate the transfer of website domain and content to you as per the terms of your subscription.
  • Can I add multiple teachers on the website? You can add multiple teachers. However, subscription for each additional teacher shall be purchased separately at full price and 15% revenue share will be applicable on each teacher.
  • What is the maximum resolution of videos is supported? We currently support up to 1080P (Full HD) video resolution and 2GB of maximum file size of a video.
  • How promotion and marketing will work? We will add a permanent page on MathYug website that will list your website and the courses that your are providing. We will also promote your website, courses, and videos on MathYug’s YouTube Channels and other social media platforms. Your business will have exposure to all the users connected to MathYug.