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Online Courses of Mathematics

New Perspective to Mathematics

Most math learners lose motivation because they learn without basic concepts and direction. Our courses have clearly defined goals for each chapter that you can accomplish fast, so you stay motivated from topic to topic, chapter to chapter. Basics to advance level knowledge encourage learning and maximise potential and our ultimate perspective is to ensure that students and teachers both can access videos and study material from anywhere, anytime using laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.


Our Mission

Our mission is to give everyone access to innovative learning experience through advanced technology. You get all the benefits of learning Maths from your own home, on your schedule independently through our unified online learning platform as we are happy and proud to say that our teaching method is unmatched which encourage learners to create a unique student experience.


Our Vision

The vision behind MathYug is to work continuously to support and refined our teaching techniques to ensure our online courses offer the high standard of teaching and learning experience that make learning mathematics with us extra special. We achieve this aim by utilizing Information and educational resources, and by enabling students to get the quality education which is not available anywhere offline.

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About Us

since 2009

MathYug is an educational initiative categorized based on self-learning needs that will give students the quality of our teaching combined with our well-structured and detailed prepared course.

We have courses that will cover full syllabus of Class 10 Maths, Class 11 Maths and Class 12 Maths.





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Grow your career and skills at your own pace, with flexible and personalised video lectures designed to build your confidence. Online learning platform has the comfort of fitting around your schedule.