Teacher membership (Mathematics)

New Perspective to Mathematics

Most math learners lose motivation because they learn without basic concepts and direction. Our courses have clearly defined goals for each chapter that you can accomplish fast, so you stay motivated from topic to topic, chapter to chapter. Basics to advance level knowledge encourage learning and maximise potential and our ultimate perspective is to ensure that students and teachers both can access videos and study material from anywhere, anytime using laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

Teacher membership (Mathematics)

₹ 4500₹ 2498 /month (annual payment for all three classes) Syllabus medium : English Explanation : Hindi + English Available regions : India India Validity : 1 year (12 months) Type : Membership Total courses : 61 Classes included: Class 10 Mathematics Class 11 Mathematics Class 12 Mathematics

This membership includes Class 10 Mathematics, Class 11 Mathematics, Class 12 Mathematics and Additional lectures based on Logarithms, Critical Points and Modulus in the form of 61 individual courses 1 Year (365 Days) validity recorded videos of concepts, NCERT Exercise solutions, and NCERT Examples recorded videos of assignments based on RD Sharma, Boards questions bank, NCERT Exemplar problem etc., PDFs of assignments For complete details of membership content, you can access the course description and course content index of all 61 membership courses through this page. As all the chapters are different so does the content provided. Not all chapters have assignments, NCERT examples etc. A few topics of some chapters like binary operations, rolle's theorem, mean value theorem, properties of determinants, derivation of frustum of cone, exercise 11.1, ogive, questions based on properties of sets (miscellaneous exercise), questions based on law of sines and cosines, supplementary exercises of straight lines etc. and chapter 14 of class 11 Mathematics are not included in this membership plan. It is recommended to check the index and description of all the courses before purchasing the membership. This membership plan does not include doubts and live sessions. Sample videos

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An authentic, motivating approach to learning designed to help learners improve their concepts of mathematics to make sure the courses offered meet learners' anticipation and requirements. Our focus through our e-learning platform is to strengthen your mathematical skills and allow you to deepen your knowledge and reach your educational goals by studying independently at your own pace. We have built a strong reputation for high-quality teaching, ensuring everyone gets the best lessons and support during his or her time of study.

New Perspective to Mathematics

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We have structured our courses in a way that they build upon one another to enable you to learn independently and ensure comprehensive coverage of core learning. You can furthermore take advantage of our structured courses to monitor your progress, which have been organised to help each of our students learn mathematics in the most efficient way possible. Our self-paced courses are result-oriented and strive for student and teacher satisfaction. All courses are guided by Agam Sir.

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The training courses are divided into chapters that cover all of the topics to improve your ability to understand and solve various types of mathematical problems independently, with a wide range of exercises through our expert-created explanations, from beginners to proficiency, with questions ranging from basic concepts to difficult and advanced level concepts, and with the advancement and benefits that online education provides: convenience, flexibility, self-learning that help you to reach your educational goals by studying independently at your own pace which enable you to do all this anywhere in the world. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for high-quality teaching, ensuring everyone gets the best self-study experience and support during his or her time of study. The courses will enable you to build up your mathematical skills.

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