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This membership package for Mathematics includes the following features: Class 10 Mathematics, Class 11 Mathematics, Class 12 Mathematics and Additional lectures based on Logarithms, Critical Points and Modulus in the form of 61 individual courses Up to 1 year (365 days) validity for the membership recorded videos of concepts, NCERT Exercise solutions, and NCERT Examples recorded videos of assignments based on RD Sharma, Boards questions bank, NCERT Exemplar problem etc., PDFs of assignments For complete details of membership content, you can access the course description and course content index of all 61 membership courses through this page. As all the chapters are different so does the content provided. Not all chapters have assignments, NCERT examples etc. A few topics of some chapters like binary operations, rolle’s theorem, mean value theorem, properties of determinants, derivation of frustum of cone, exercise 11.1, ogive, questions based on properties of sets (miscellaneous exercise), questions based on law of sines and cosines, supplementary exercises of straight lines etc. and chapter 14 of class 11 Mathematics are not included in this membership plan. It is recommended to check the index and description of all the courses before purchasing the membership. This membership plan does not include doubts and live sessions. Syllabus medium : English Explanation : Hindi + English Validity options : 1 month (30 days) | 3 months (90 days) | 6 months (180 days) | 12 months (365 days) Type : Membership Total courses : 61

Class 12 Maths : ₹35,976 ₹8698 Class 11 Maths : ₹35,976 ₹8298 Class 10 Maths : ₹35,976₹7298 ₹1,07,928 ₹24,294 for 12 months

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