A collection of personal messages sent by students and teachers to Agam Sir. The names have been redacted here as we do not have the required consents to post the messages in public domain.

Dear Sir,
First of all I would like to thank and congratulate you for the great work you are doing. I am a Professor in a Univ. in the dept of Electrical Engg., but due to my love for Maths I keep on learning and studying Mathematics. I have come across a lot of video channels but your teaching style is unique, crystal clear and you make difficult concepts appear so simple. After watching your videos my love for Maths has increased manifolds…thanks to you sir.

I dont understand you have restricted yourself only till NCERT?? It would be a great help for the students if you can make videos for IIT JEE as you have a great command over Maths. After watching your videos I feel as if Aryabhatta has reincarnated in your form.

Thanks a lot and pranaam.

— With kind regards A******* *******y

Hi sir, I am Ashish ******* from sikkim, India and I am writing this letter to you to thank you for making me fall in love with maths i was a lover of maths but after learning from you, My love is now more strong and i told my parents as well i won’t be wasting money in tuition because I have got much more skilled teacher in online platform but they don’t use to believe they thought i was lying them and playing games but we I got 1st rank in school after taking PCM my parents and I too realised that online learning with you is best, thanks for this sir.
Lots of love to you and now for class 12 I am there to watch you and learn from you sir and one more lovely fact sir My name is also Ashish 😁. Hope you would reply me back .

Your beloved Student