Advance Membership Addendum Terms

This document serves as an addendum to the main terms and conditions of MathYug, available at The following terms specifically apply to the “advance” membership offered on the website:

Membership Duration: The “advance” membership is currently available for a period of either 5 years or 10 years, as chosen by the member at the time of enrollment.

Course Availability: As part of the “advance” membership, all courses and content included in the membership will be made available within the first year of the membership. MathYug endeavors to provide access to all courses and content within this timeframe.

Non-Refundable Membership: The “advance” membership fee is non-refundable. Once the membership is purchased, no refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

Exclusions for Students with Exams: The “advance” membership is not intended for students who have upcoming exams within the next 12 months. It is advised that students with imminent examinations consider alternative membership options or individual course purchases.

Disclaimer of Damages: MathYug shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred due to the unavailability of courses and content of membership within the first year of the membership. While every effort will be made to ensure timely access to all courses and content, technical or unforeseen circumstances may occasionally cause delays.

Subjectivity of Course Content: The content provided in the course is subjective to the specific course topics and the description provided by MathYug. Each topic may be explained differently based on its nature and complexity. It is possible that the sample video of the course does not represent all the other course videos. Additionally, courses within the membership may have distinctive styles of teaching videos. MathYug will not provide any refunds or cancellations based on variations in the teaching style or presentation within the course and/or courses of the membership.

Inapplicability of Terms: Once all courses and content included in the membership are provided, these addendum terms will no longer be applicable. MathYug will notify members on the website when all courses and content have been made available. Upon notification, the main terms and conditions of MathYug will solely govern the membership until its expiration.

By proceeding with the “advance” membership purchase on MathYug, you acknowledge and agree to the above addendum terms, in addition to the main terms and conditions available on It is recommended that you review and understand all terms prior to making the purchase.