About Registration, Payment, Course purchase

How to register?

First time purchase and registration are linked with each other.
When you purchase any course(s) the first time, a new account will automatically be created for you with the Email and Password you use at the time of checkout.

How to purchase course?

Course purchase is similar to the shopping procedure that one has seen on any e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart.

There are four steps to purchase course(s).

  1. Add to Cart the courses that you want to purchase.
  2. Go to Cart and apply any applicable discount coupon.
  3. Proceed to checkout page, fill your basic details like billing address(first time only) and review final order details before making payment.
  4. Click on Complete payment to pay for your courses using Wallet, Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet banking or UPI.

After successful payment you will get access to your purchased courses instantly through My Courses page.

Can I purchase multiple courses in a single transaction?

Yes, you can purchase multiple courses in a single transaction.

What are the payment methods available to buy courses?

We have the following multiple payment methods available to buy courses.

  • Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Rupay, Diner)
  • Internet banking of 75+ Banks
  • UPI of 100+ Banks
  • 15 different Wallets including paytm, airtel payments bank, freecharge etc.
Do you provide refunds and cancellation?

Our customers have more than sufficient resources to decide before purchasing courses and/or any services we offer, hence courses and/or services once purchased cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable under any circumstances.

About Course access, Order details, Validity

How to access your purchased courses?

After successful payment you will get access to your purchased courses instantly through My Courses page.

How to access invoices and order details?

Invoices are Email to you when you make successful payment. Don't forget to check your spam folder if you are not seeing Emails in your inbox.

You can check all of your orders and invoices on the My Account page.

How long one can access course content after payment?

Validity of a course can range from 7 days to 365 days and is mentioned in the main course page under additional information.

How to extend validity of course?

Validity of course cannot be extended once purchased.

If you need longer access to a course then you can purchase the same course again after expiry of current validity of course.

What is the start date and expiry date of a course?

Course "start date and time" is the "date and time" at which user initiates the course purchase on the website and to have instant access to the course user has to complete the payment successfully on the payment gateway.

If user changes his/her mind then it is his/her responsibility to cancel the purchase manually or contact support for the same.

Completing the payment later on the same purchase will not change the course start date and time.

The expiration date and/or time period(validity) user has access to course is indicated on the course page and/or course purchase page.

If a user has to dispute the start date and/or expiry date then it should not be later than 48 hours of the expiry of the course.

After 48 hours of expiry of the course we do not entertain any request to correct or dispute start date and/or expiry date of the course.

About Doubts & Live Session

Do courses include doubts session or live sessions with teacher?

The courses are designed in such way so that any user can easily self study them and prepare for their examinations.
Hence, no doubts or live sessions are provided in the course.

Where to discuss doubts?

The courses are meant for self study and we do not provide any facility to discuss doubts.

About Support, Emails, Customer Care Number

What kind of support is available on the website?

We provide only technical support in using website and in payment.

Courses on the website are meant for self study and we do not provide any doubts session either with teacher or with support team.

How to contact support team?

The fastest way to contact support team is by filling the contact form with details of your query.

However, you can also directly email to the support team with details of your query. If you are sending direct emails make sure all the necessary details are including in your email for faster response.

Why I am not receiving any Emails?

Please check your spam/junk folder for emails. Sometime the email would sent to the spam/junk folder instead of inbox.

We are working hard to avoid this kind of situation.

However, on your side you can add our Email ID to your contact and safe senders list and you will face no problem in receiving our emails.

Is there any customer care number available?

Our courses are meant for self study only.

To keep the cost of courses as low as possible we do not provide any customer care number / phone call facility.

For any technical difficulties you can contact us through Contact Form or directly Email us your query.

About Videos and Course System

What are the benefits of new course system?

The new course system is the outcome of years long research of Agam Sir.

To learn from Agam Sir’s videos, one has to follow the content in sequence. The course system make sure that everyone will access the topics/subtopics in the sequence/order the first time. Later, they can access it in any order for revision.

Course system helps the students in tracking their learning and preparation for exams.

While revision, it is easier to access a particular topic/question in the course system.

It also helps Sir and his team to monitor and plan for future contents.

How to learn in the course system?

In the course system, students have to remember just two things.

The first is to watch the videos in sequence from start otherwise they will not be able to open the topic/subtopic.

The second is to click on “Mark Complete” once they have done a topic/subtopic. It will automatically activates the next topic/subtopic.

This has to be done only the first time. Later students can access Marked Complete topics/subtopics in any order for revision.

How to report error in course content or video for corrections?

You can use the contact form to report any error in the course content.

Our team will correct the error as soon as possible.

About Sample Videos

Where I can watch sample videos before purchasing a course?

Every course has sample content you can watch before purchasing.

Just look for the following "Sample Topic" and "Lock" symbol in the course to find sample content.

sample video

Does YouTube have sample videos?

Yes, our YouTube channel also has some of the sample videos for you to watch. You can find them easily through playlists.

Did not get answer to your query?

Contact our support team by filling the contact form on the page mentioned below.