Full Syllabus for Class 10 Maths

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Full Syllabus for Class 10 Maths


This membership includes

  • all 15 NCERT Chapters of Class 10 Mathematics in the form of 15 individual courses
  • 1 Year (365 Days) validity
  • recorded videos of concepts, NCERT Exercise solutions, and NCERT Examples
  • recorded videos of assignments, practice assignments based on RD Sharma, Boards questions bank, NCERT Exemplar problem etc.,
  • PDFs of assignments

This membership does not include

  • doubts discussion / live sessions
  • deleted syllabus of some chapters e.g. derivation of frustum of cone, exercie 11.1, ogive etc.

For complete details of membership content you can access the course content index of all the 15 membership courses on this page. As all the chapters are different so does the content provided. Not all chapters have assignments, NCERT examples etc. It is recommended to check the index before purchasing membership. No additional content other than in the index will be provided after purchase.

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Syllabus Medium


Explanation Language

Hinglish (Hindi + English)


1 Year (365 Days)


Ashish Kumar (Agam Sir)