Exercise 5.4 & 5.5 Continuity And Differentiability Class 12 Maths Chapter 5

Topics/Questions discussed in this video:

In this lecture, I am discussing few questions based on derivatives of logarithmic and exponential functions. Also, when and how to use Logarithms in Differentiation?


Differentiate the following w.r.t. x:

Question 1. \frac{e^x}{\sin x}
Question 2. e^{\sin^{-1}x}
Question 3. e^{x^3}
Question 4. \sin(\tan^{-1} e^{-x})
Question 5. \log (\cos e^x)
Question 6. e^x + e^{x^2} +...+ e^{x^5}
Question 7. \sqrt{e^{\sqrt{x}}}, x>0
Question 8. \log(\log x), x>1
Question 9. \frac{\cos x}{\log x}, x>0
Question 10. \cos (\log x + e^x), x>0

NCERT EXERCISE 5.5 (Logarithmic Differentiation)

Differentiate the functions given in Exercises 1 to 11 w.r.t. x.

Question 1. \cos x. \cos 2x. \cos 3x

Question 2. \sqrt{ \frac{(x-1)(x-2)}{(x-3)(x-4)(x-5)} }

Question 3. (\log x)^{\cos x}

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