Exercise 1.1 Relations and Functions Class 12 Maths Chapter 1


Sunday, May 02, 2021

Agam Sir

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Question 1. Let R be the relation in the set N given by R = {(a, b) : a = b – 2, b \in 6}. Choose the correct answer. A. (2, 4) ∈ R B. (3, 8) ∈ R C. (6, 8) ∈ R D. (8, 7) ∈ R (N)

Question 2. Let A= {1, 2, 3,} and define R = {(a, b): a – b = 12}. Show that R is empty relation on Set A. (B)

Question 3. Let A be the set of all students of a boy’s school. Show that the relation R in A given by R = {(a, b) : a is sister of b} is the empty relation and R′ = {(a, b) : the difference between heights of a and b is less than 3 meters} is the universal relation. (N)

Question 4. If A is the set of students of a school then write, which of following relations are Universal, Empty or neither of the two. R1 = {(a, b) : a, b are ages of students and |ab| = 0} R2 = {(a, b) : a, b are weights of students, and |ab| = 0} R3 = {(a, b) : a, b are students studying in same class} (B)

Question 5. Let A = {1, 2, 3,} and define R = {(a, b): a + b = 0}. Show that R is a universal relation on set A. (B)

Agam Sir

Agam Sir


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