In the “Advance Membership” you will get

“Classic” membership as foundation

“Advance” membership is the improved version of “Classic” membership with additional videos, assignments and features as mentioned below.

Longer lectures

“Advance” membership will have longer lectures instead of smaller videos for better learning experience.

Deleted syllabus

“Advance” membership will have videos of the syllabus that were deleted by the boards during COVID-19 pandemic.

Re-recorded chapters

“Advance” membership will have some chapters like Vector Algebra, Three dimensional geometry etc., re-recorded in more detail. Check membership description for complete list of re-recorded chapters.

New Assignments

“Advance” membership will have new assignments from books like R.D. Sharma, NCERT Exemplar, board’s question bank etc., that will include deleted syllabus as well.

Videos of self practice assignments

“Advance” membership will have video explanation of each question of self practice assignments so that you can cross check your answers and to help you with your online learning.

No watermark on PDF

“Advance” membership will have assignments PDFs without any watermark in the middle of the page.

Longer validity – Higher Discount

“Advance” membership will have validity upto 10 years at the price of 2 to 4 years of membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why there are two memberships “Classic” and “Advance” for the same class? “Classic” membership was recorded during COVID-19 pandemic. Orignally it was planned to record a detailed membership with longer lectures and more assignments. But when the boards reduced about 30% of the syllabus, we were started to receive messages from students to not record the deleted syllabus. Due to that, a lot of the topics of the membership either had to be removed or could not be recorded in detail. That’s why we have decided to record the deleted syllabus and re-record some of the topics in more detail under a new membership called “Advance” membership.
  • Does “advance” membership include “classic” membership? “Classic” membership is the foundation for “Advance” membership. Many of the topics in “Classic” membership are recorded in detail and hence are included with little to no modification in “Advance” membership.
  • How to know which topic will be re-recorded in the “advance” membership? There will be a list of topics on the purchase page of the “advance” membership that will be re-recorded.
  • What will be in the “New Assignments”? “New Assignments” will have questions based on the deleted syllabus and more advance questions based on the re-recorded topics.
  • What will be in the videos of self-practice assignments? There are a number of self-practice assignments for students that have similar questions that Agam Sir has explained in the videos. We have received a number of messages from students for video solutions of those questions as well. Hence, we have decided to include them in the “advance” membership.
  • How to upgrade from “Classic” to “Advance” membership? The option to upgrade membership plan will be made available on My Account -> Membership page.