Class 10 Mathematics

Syllabus medium : English Explanation : Hindi + English Validity : 1 year (12 months) Type : Membership Total courses : 15 Classes included: Class 10 Mathematics

This membership package offers a comprehensive range of features, including 15 individual courses encompassing all 15 NCERT Chapters of Class 10 Mathematics, a 365-day validity period, recorded videos of NCERT Exercise solutions, concepts, and examples, as well as recorded videos of assignments and practice assignments based on NCERT Exemplar problems, RD Sharma, Board question banks, and more. The package also includes PDFs of assignments.
For a complete breakdown of the membership content, learners can access the course description and course content index of all 15 membership courses on this page. Please note that as each chapter is unique, the content provided will vary accordingly. Some chapters may not include assignments, NCERT examples, or other materials, such as derivation of frustum of cone, exercise 11.1, ogive, and others. We recommend that learners carefully review the index and description of all courses before making a purchase. This membership package does not include live sessions or access to doubts. Sample videos

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