Straight Lines Part - 1

This comprehensive course provides a thorough exploration of the fundamental concepts of equations, slope of a line, and equation of a line. With nine lectures, totaling approximately six hours of instruction time, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of these key topics.
Throughout the course, you will learn how to find the slope of a line using various methods, including angle and point-slope form. You will also explore important points related to the slope of a line, including the identification of parallel and perpendicular lines using slope.
The course covers a range of equation forms, including point-slope form, two points form, slope-intercept form, intercept form, and normal form. You will learn how to derive the equation of a line from given information, as well as how to find the angle between two lines.
The course is designed for anyone looking to build a solid foundation in equations and the slope of a line. Whether you're a student looking to excel in math, or a professional in need of a refresher, this course has something to offer.
Enroll today to gain the skills and knowledge you need to master equations and the slope of a line.

5 hours 52 minutes Course Duration
English Syllabus medium
Hindi + English Explanation
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