Ch7. Integrals

Class 12 Maths
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In this self study course, you will learn integration as inverse process of differentiation. Integration of a variety of functions by substitution, by partial fractions and by parts, Evaluation of simple integrals of the following types and problems based on them

[latex]\int{\frac{dx}{x^2 \pm a^2}}[/latex], [latex]\int{\frac{dx}{\sqrt{x^2 \pm a^2}}}[/latex], [latex]\int{\frac{dx}{\sqrt{a^2 – x^2}}}[/latex], [latex]\int{\frac{dx}{ax^2+bx+c}}[/latex], [latex]\int{\frac{dx}{\sqrt{ax^2+bx+c}}}[/latex], [latex]\int{\frac{px+q}{ax^2+bx+c}}dx[/latex], [latex]\int{\frac{px+q}{\sqrt{ax^2+bx+c}}}dx[/latex], [latex]\int{\sqrt{a^2 \pm x^2}}dx[/latex], [latex]\int{\sqrt{x^2-a^2}}dx[/latex], [latex]\int{\sqrt{ax^2+bx+c}}dx[/latex], [latex]\int{(px+q) \sqrt{ax^2+bx+c}}dx[/latex]

For further understanding of concepts and for examination preparation, practice questions based on the above topics are discussed in the form of assignments that has questions from NCERT Textbook exercise, NCERT Examples, Board’s Question Bank, RD Sharma, NCERT Exemplar etc. instead of only one book. The PDF of assignments can be downloaded within the course.
“Limit of Sum” and “Properties of Integrals” are not included in this course. Click here for course with limit of sum. Click here for course with Properties of Integrals.

Syllabus Medium: English
Explanation Language: Hinglish (Hindi + English)
Duration: 22 hours 14 minutes
Validity: 45 Days
Teacher: Ashish Kumar (Agam Sir)

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Syllabus Medium


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Hinglish (Hindi + English)


22 hours 14 minutes


45 Days


Ashish Kumar (Agam Sir)

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